Keeping Beavers Away from a Pond or Stream

Beavers always move around water-logged areas, most especially streams, ponds and dams, therefore, they can gain access to private properties from such areas, if possible. Beavers are large rodents known to chew on woods used in the construction of Texas beaver dams. Beavers can become nuisance when the dams they constructed cause flooding or when the chewing of wood cause damages to San Antonio private properties. Beavers can cause damages to the waterways and they can chew trees close to buildings.

Your first step towards the prevention of San Antonio beavers especially close to streams and ponds is to inspect the area and see whether trapping or other prevention methods are necessary. If trapping is necessary to prevent Texas beavers from a pond or stream, then you should consider a clamshell such as Hancock, and set it on a high beaver-traffic region, where a beaver dam or gnawed tree is located. If a beaver is caught in this trap, then other beavers will be prevented from further activities in such area as they don’t want to get into any trap.

You can also make use of a lethal trap such as a body grip to prevent Texas beavers from ponds and stream. You should consider a size 330 for most beavers, and simply mount the trap on a beaver lodge or entry hole. When a beaver gets trapped by this material, other San Antonio beavers will sense the danger of moving near the area. Beavers are frightened when they see other trapped beavers or animals, thus they will think twice before moving to such dangerous areas.

You can also make use of a snare slide to prevent San Antonio beavers from streams and ponds. This may become a complex trap, thus you need to set it correctly or seek the help of a professional. Most traps can be dangerous on the lives of beavers but they are simply the best possible ways of getting rid of them. When you eventually trap a beaver , you must ensure that you remove and relocate it to an unpopulated area. Make sure they are located hundreds of kilometers away from ponds, streams or any area located close to water.

You may also report a trap beaver to your local San Antonio animal rehabilitation center, where the animal can be relocated properly unto its colony. You need to keep in mind that you are only allowed to trap a beaver or prevent it from a stream or pond, only if your property or life is at risk.

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